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Hope for Life Rescue in Virginia Beach offers a way to donate for everyone.
Veterinarian with Dog

Partners in Hope

Partners in Hope is a program designed to help keep the rescue efforts going on a regular basis. Members of this program donate once a month a set amount that they can afford.


Won't you join us? $10 a month will save one life each year! That's just a couple of fancy coffees.


To subscribe click here...

Donating to Hope for Life couldn't be easier than with our Amazon Wishlist

Rescue Puppy

The Samuel Fund

The Samuel Fund is a designated fund for the emergency treatment of severely injured animals


The Samuel Fund was established when we received a little 6 week old kitten whose leg had been snapped in half, requiring major surgery to place metal pins in his small bones so they could heal. When our vet told us his expenses would probably run in excess of $800, and asked what would we like to do - we took a step of faith and said, "Do whatever he needs! He deserves a chance at life, in a home full of love."

Having less than $200 in our account we put out a plea to our donors, who generously responded. By the time Sammy was ready to leave the hospital, we had the money to cover his entire bill. Since that time, Samuel has had another surgery, but has made a full recovery and is now enjoying life in his new forever home.​​

"The Samuel Fund" continues, so that when another, otherwise healthy animal, who has been severely abused has a chance for love, there will be the means to give them healing. We hope the steady growth of this fund will provide the means to always be able to say, " Do what is necessary. They deserve a chance at life and love."

To make a donation to the Samuel Fund CONTACT US or mail to:

The Samuel Fund

Hope for Life Rescue Inc.

610 Jack Rabbit Rd. Suite #1

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Sammy of the Samuel Fund at Hope for Life
Liddy at Hope for Life

This is little Liddy.

Her sight was saved by surgery and love... made possible by generous donations from people like you.

Liddy wit her sight restored

Here is Liddy getting bigger every day! She is loved, happy and can see the fish in her furever home all because of our supporters.

Please help us continue to create miracles for pets like Liddy.
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