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Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer At Hope Center

We are always in need of volunteers at the facility to help us with a variety of daily tasks!

Our staff is very small, so whether it involves cleaning, socializing the animals, or any other day to day tasks that need to be done, we are always appreciative of any help we can get!

If you are ready to volunteer please fill out our volunteer form: CLICK HERE       

Once you've filled it out, come by any day between 8:00am -3:30pm!


Are you looking to help rescue an animal without having to make a lifetime commitment?

Foster homes are an integral part of our life saving mission. Space at our facility is limited, so whenever a foster family opens up their home to an animal, it makes room for us to rescue another!


All vetting and supplies are paid for by Hope For Life Rescue; all we ask of our foster families is their time, and to provide a safe and loving home to their foster animal until they are ready for adoption!

If you are ready to foster please fill out our foster application: CLICK HERE


Puppy Sleepovers

A great way to get your puppy fix and help us find them the perfect adoptive home!

A puppy sleepover is a short term fostering opportunity that allows families to take a puppy home anywhere from overnight to a few days. This gives the puppy more individual attention, and prevents them from having to spend the night alone at our facility. It also helps us get them adopted faster as posts to social media help potential adopters find the perfect puppy for their family!

If you are ready to have a puppy sleepover CLICK HERE for more information, including our puppy sleepover form and sign up.

And keep in mind, adult dogs can go on sleepovers too!

Volunteer Transport

Do you have a vehicle and time to spare? Consider helping us with transport!

We depend immensely on volunteer transporters to help take animals back and forth from a variety of locations. Whether it's a pick up or drop off at the vet, or an animal's freedom ride from the shelter to our rescue, we cannot do what we do without the help of these volunteers

If you would like to sign up to be a volunteer transporter: CLICK HERE

Once you've signed up, keep a look out for posts on our social media sites for future transport needs. Thank you!

​​As you can see, there are many ways to volunteer!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!
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