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Our volunteers consist of the very best people in our community. The sort of people who give up their weekends to come scoop poop and walk dogs!


Hope for Life Rescue sees some of the worst cases of abuse and neglect in animals. Our volunteers offer love that only a volunteer's heart can provide to these damaged animals.


We are always in need of dedicated volunteers, who can stand the test of time, and the sometimes unpleasant smells that accompany the rescue business. If this sounds like you please fill out and turn in the application below.

Volunteer at Hope for Life Rescue



Dog with puppies at Hope for Life Rescue

Are you that special person that can offer foster care to our newest guests?  Many of these animals come from the worst of the worst situations and need special loving care, or a place to have their babies. Our foster parents are very special people.

Volunteer Transport

Transport Volunteer at Hope for Life Rescue

We depend on volunteers who are able to transport animals from terrible situations on their FREEDOM RIDE to Hope for Life and a new, safe and loving home.  Please contact us is you have a heart to help in this manner.

​​Help make a difference and sign up to volunteer today.
We promise you will get back lots of hugs and kisses!
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