About Hope for Life Rescue

Where did we come from?

We came from the Lord!


In February of 2002, after 7 years of prayer, Hope for Life Rescue Inc. became a reality.  The founders had been rescuing animals independently for several years prior and on many occasions went to other local rescue meetings to see how they operated.


At Hope for Life, we are a PRO-LIFE organization committed to the rescue and placement of abandoned, abused, neglected and left behind street animals. Because we are a street rescue, we often see abused and severely neglected animals. It is not our normal practice to take owner release animals unless they are being abused or neglected.

What is Hope for Life Center?

In August of 2005, we were blessed to open an 1800 sq. ft. urban sanctuary in Virginia Beach.


Hope Center includes 6 rooms designed with tempered glass for animals that need their privacy due to behavior or health issues, and 2 large dog runs. We don't believe in caging animals, so our rescues either free roam or live in beautifully decorated glass rooms until they go to their permanent homes. We pay for all medical expenses including the spay/neuter. We DO NOT  have a set adoption fee, because we believe that God created life and it is precious in his sight.

What is Hope's Garden Resort?

Again in 2008, God blessed us and we opened a unique vacation home for cats and dogs. Also, a non-profit facility, Hope's Garden Resort will help further our mission to rescue the homeless animals in our community through the vacation rates offered.


In 2011 we expanded our boarding facility so that we could accommodate more larger dogs!

Both of our facilities are cage free. We are a private organization and we get no city or state funding and no grants. We operate solely on donations from people and businesses in our community. We cannot continue the mission without your support. We ask that you consider becoming a Partner in Hope, to help us end the homelessness and abuse of our community's discarded animals.


For just $10 a month you can save an animal's life.

That's a couple of coffees at Starbucks.


Please feel free to come by and tour our facilities.