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All About Puppy Sleepovers

Thank you for your interest in our puppy sleepover program!

We work closely with many rural shelters in Virginia and North Carolina that take in hundreds of puppies a year due to a lack of spaying & neutering. They often experience difficulty placing puppies up for adoption and reach out to us for assistance. We do our best to help, but as are puppies young and often come in large litters, they require a bigger space and more care than other types of animals we rescue. These puppies also tend to come from unfortunate situations and are not always available for adoption when they first arrive, which prevents us from rescuing other animals if puppies have to stay at our facility until medically cleared for adoption.

This is where puppy sleepovers come into play!

We realize that not all families are able to foster long term, which is why puppy sleepovers range from overnight to a couple of weeks, By participating in a puppy sleepover, you have the chance to bring a puppy into your home for some play time, cuddles, fun, etc. for a short time without the long-term commitment of adoption. Puppy sleepovers also allow each puppy to get more individual attention, alert us to any potential issues, and by getting to know your puppy and sharing pictures and information about their quirks and personality, help us get them adopted quicker!

We provide food, puppy pads, and toys as needed.

The following is required to participate in a puppy sleepover:

  • You must be 21 years of age or older.

  • You must have a valid I.D.

  • All adult dogs and cats in the home must be spayed or neutered.


For Quarantine Sleepovers: All incoming puppies require a 14 - day observatory quarantine period in a controlled environment, some of which may have been completed at the previous shelter. The main purpose of this quarantine is to monitor for signs and symptoms of potential illness. This does not mean that we suspect illness (unless confirmed) only that they have not been in our care long enough to rule it out.

If you have met the requirements, the next step is to read & fill out our puppy sleepover form: CLICK HERE

Once you have filled it out, read the following instructions and sign up!

Instructions For Puppy Sleepover Signups:

Please pay attention to the date and time on the signup as we will update it as needed. We usually specify a certain time frame in which people can pick up puppies for sleepovers, so when you sign up, you can come pick up a puppy within the listed time frame.

Since we will be updating the signup regularly, if it is full on a particular day and you're interested in future sleepover opportunities, please keep
checking back!

For any questions, please call or text us at 757-231-6105

Click Here For Sign Up

And keep in mind, adult dogs can go on sleepovers too!

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